I believe in the power of farm fresh flowers to bring people together and make everyone happier.

By partnering with PA and MD local flower farmers and growers, LOCAFLORA brings the beauty (and the bounty) of each season to you, your wedding, or your storefront. 

Currently booking:

Wedding Floral Service for 2020-2021

Floral Installation Service for 2020-2021

Business Floral Subscriptions for 2020

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Hi, I'm Becca - owner and founder of LOCAFLORA.

I am an artist, a chemist, a wife, and a member of a blossoming community in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.


My love story with flowers started 11 years ago, when I began growing and caring for flowers in South Central PA. I realized the power of flowers to bring us closer to one another, and give us a sense of unified wonder at the beauty of nature. 

LOCAFLORA is my ode to living local - to caring for your friendly neighborhood farmer, and to enjoying the best flowers our region has to offer.