Lush Grand Opening Florals: Elementary Coffee

If you know me well, you know that I am also very invested in the Harrisburg community. Since starting school and work in Harrisburg in 2014, I have come to love this little city more than I can explain. One of my favorite spots was founded the same year that I was introduced to the city: Andrea Grove opened Elementary Coffee in the Broad Street Market, and it has been not only a hot spot for delicious beverages but also a great gift to the community. After the labor and generosity of many members of their community, they have just opened a new, second shop on North St, and I was pleased to donate bold, themed florals for their Grande Opening Event.

When I met with Andrea to discuss their install, she told me that Elementary has two main aesthetic themes: triangles for equality and red for their Paco-anarchist (pacifist + anarchist) revolutionist ideals (you can read about them here). She gave me a tour of the bold, beautiful space that they worked so hard to build over the last couple years, and she told me how much she hoped it would be a gift to the community that had shown her team immeasurable support.

In a timely way, these installs were captured through some branding images for Fennec Design - every incredible detail made immortal by Earthmark Photography.

Through the whole process of designing, building, and setting up, I was constantly amazed by the way that Fennec, Elementary, and Earthmark - as members of a small business community - were 110% for each other. They shared their hopes and dreams, as well as their hardships and disappointments, and it was a beautiful reminder of how creative communities can grow with and for each other.

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